Nature and the Song

4 08 2009

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, lived a little man–a slight man–who sat and sang the whole day. His songs were for Nature and she loved him. She gave him every gift She could–fertile fields in which to grow food yet he wouldn’t farm, streaming rivers overflowing with fish yet he would not catch them, days and nights filled with insects yet he ignored their songs and all he did was sing. One day on a soft whisper of a breeze, She asked, “Please sir, tell me why you have ignored all the gifts I’ve sent you?” His song was not broken and the melody continued. Nature, feeling the breeze was too mild, sent a gust of wind with the same message. The man paused, then continued his song. She felt turmoil building inside Her as he ignored Her yet again. This time, with fury, She sent a blast and realized too late that it easily sent the man into the river from which he could not escape.

As he ascended through the heavens he appeared much more formidable. His build was not slight at all. He was a very handsome and strong young man.

When he neared the apex, she interrupted his journey. “Dear sir, I am so sorry for what I have done…but tell me why you ignored all the gifts I sent you?”

“With respect Nature, if you had listened to my song you would have known that I was born deaf, blind, and crippled. I sang to You daily begging for Your mercy. I loved You even though I had been forsaken. It is now the end of that prison to which I was held for so many years. Do not apologize. I am Your humble servant.”

Nature was so moved by this man’s tribute to her that she sent his song into the trees and the grasses, the stones and the dirt, the oceans and the rivers of the Earth. That song that had pleased her for so many years was, in reality, an ignored plea. So, if you’re sitting out some day feeling the soft breezes, listen for you may hear his song. Do not be sorrowed by it but rejoice in its release.

Blue Heron Over Lake

Blue Heron Over Lake

Story and photo © 2009 Kathleen Bjoran




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4 08 2009

nice blog

7 08 2009

I saw your blog and I love your work!

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