The Path Less Chosen

5 08 2009

I looked down the path and felt so alive with anticipation. The trees canopied my future. Behind me lay the highway, cold and desolate. It could take me home to my past and to all the reasons I ended up here. I looked toward the future.

I will admit that those first few steps were a battle with cement boots. I was leaving behind a long and prosperous life but knew simplicity and art WERE my future. Oh, I could paint, take photos, draw, and write (and I don’t mean programming code). I was leaving behind 20 years of C++, HTML, JAVA, ASP, XML, and all the other programming codes (too many to list) to embark on my distant past…my new future. I came from art and thus I return.

I walked along the tree lined path as it narrowed until it became thick with brush. At some places it was almost impenetrable but I championed on. I had a determination that only few people ever get to experience. I know those folks who climb K2 get drunk with this same determination.

I love working. I love networking. I love writing and all those other previously mentioned arts. I’m about a mile into my future. The path has disappeared so I’m making a new one (and yes, I have my suction snake bite kit with me). Though that path has disappeared, I SEE so many things to inspire me. Life gets easy sometimes and we tend to forget where we came from. I don’t mean work gets easy for I know the harder I worked the more money I made. What I mean is, I reached an uncomfortable comfort zone. I had a name and reputation increasing my salary yearly. My income was 6 figures but money isn’t everything. Our lives can easily turn to monetary poverty but, please…all that is holy, don’t let our lives become culturally impoverished!

La Chaim!

My Pen Writes Grunge

My Pen Writes Grunge

Story and photo © 2009 Kathleen Bjoran




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