8 08 2009

I’ve always surrounded myself with those whom I can call treasures. Treasures bring not just riches but the desire to seek more treasure (hunting). Being a hunter and a gatherer, I want to pull together my past and seek new adventures. The concept that hunters and gatherers are inately different defies the true nature of both. A hunter is useless if he leaves his incapacitated prey where he dropped it. A gatherer is useless if he refuses to apply action once the desired prey is found. A woman going to the grocery store is hunting and gathering if she chooses to buy. A man going out deer hunting is hunting and gathering as long as he collects the fallen deer.

As I have the insight to declare the previous, now, my only job/course is to identify how my treasures are identified. Are they identified by the happiness they bring me? Are they identified by the deep contemplation they instill in me? Are they identified by their love for me (or I for them)? Are they identified by pointing out my past mistakes and INSISTING I address them? The answer to find that true gem is yes to all of the above. When hunting for those treasures be sure to gather them.



Story and photo © 2009 Kathleen Bjoran




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