The King

21 08 2009

There are dogs and then there are Dogs. Max (as in Maximus) is definitely my Dog. He’s one gorgeous Dalmatian and he knows it. He’s a great source for creative photography and loving loyalty.

Just a quick look into his eyes, you can tell he is a master of communication. He has the eyes of a philosopher. His vocal communication is also quite effective. He loves every human he meets but is not quite so welcoming when other dogs come in. Max is my diplomat and negotiator. When a rescue comes into our home, Max and Charlie are the first to meet the newcomer. After both of these guys have assessed the new guy and are comfortable (usually 10 minutes or less) Marlowe, the Boxer, gets to meet the newbie. Once Marlowe knows that Max and Charlie are okay with the new pup then Marlowe automatically accepts the addition. Ah, doggie dynamics.

Max rarely plays with Charlie because Max is a big dog fan. He will keep Marlowe occupied (playing) for hours.

One word of warning about Dalmatians: You MUST love dogs in order to make it through the first 3.5 to 4 years. Hitting a Dal will ensure a nasty adult dog. Those mean Dals you’ve met, just look into the eyes of the original owner for they are the reason the Dal is mean. You can teach a Dal every trick in the book but before that 3.5 year mark, they are called Dumbmatians. They are NOT dumb! At 4 years old, they will perform every trick ever taught them and a few they made up on their own. They are a true reward for patience!



Photos and articles © 2009 Kathleen Bjoran




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