The Love Sponge

19 08 2009

To any who own or who have even just met a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (CKCS), you already know the love sponge of which I speak. This tribute is to Charlie…my little love sponge.

This little guy has a Boxer and a Dalmatian to contend with in our house. The Boxer (the thief of toys) is Charlie’s big brother. Marlowe will play with Charlie at the drop of a hat. Max (the Dal) has an attitude with Charlie but it’s just because he doesn’t need little dog love. If Charlie was a Great Dane, Max would love him.

All Charlie ever wants is to be near me and/or my husband. He looks into your eyes at every opportunity and tries to draw out a smile, a hug, a kiss, a laugh, or a cuddle. When my laptop isn’t in my lap, Charlie is. He is probably one of the most effective cuddlers I’ve ever met.

I have learned that, if he truly wants a toy to be his, he will protect it with raw, unadulterated aggressiveness against anyone (unless human) who tries to take it. This is one reason why the Boxer ends up with most of the toys I bring into the house…they’re not Charlie toys. Charlie LOVES the AKC toys (yeah, he’s an elitist) because they’re stuffed animals with squeakers. He protects them with great vigor.

The CKCS is a dog for people who want a gorgeous dog and a dog that appreciates human companionship at a whole new level. They are not watch dogs and they most likely would not attack invaders. But, if you want a love sponge, oh…this is your breed!

For all my loyal readers: I may go several days at a time without posting only because I own my own business and am often caught up in the demands from my paying clients. I may end up working this blog into the demands a photographer/graphic designer faces but I’m not quite ready for that.



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