What Should I Have Done

30 08 2009

Foreword: This poem was written in 2002 when my husband believed that Max was too wild to fit into our household.

When I came to you,
Thought you were sad,
I stood to hug you, to kiss you, to cheer you.
What should I have done?

When I threw my toys through the air,
I made you laugh so I asked you to join in.
You hid my toys from me or yelled at me.
What should I have done?

I saw you sit on the couch.
Your smell, your essence, became part of it.
Wanting to understand and be close to you, I climbed up.
What should I have done?

Running those crazy-eights while I was outside,
Gave me release of some energies.
Yet, you called at me, “Hurry up, Max!”
What should I have done?

You were all I had.
You were my entire life.
I loved you.
What should I have done?

Afterword: The photo depicts before and after the poem. Needless to say, Max (now eight) is still with us. It takes a great deal of love to stay together.

Max Beore and After

Max Beore and After

Photos and articles © 2009 Kathleen Bjoran