Tribute to My Boxer

13 08 2009

When our daughter was little, my husband and I loved to participate in her excitement over new toys. Christmases were spent playing with every toy she got. When I would go out Christmas shopping, I would spend so much time thinking about the fun her dad and I would have on Christmas Day. She’s grown now but, I admit, when I buy her a game for her Wii, I long for the days when we would play that game all day long.

Now we have a Boxer. Though he’s five years old, his exuberance over a new toy is so reminiscent of our four-year-old little girl. If it squeaks, that makes it the perfect toy. As I sit here and write this, he is pouncing on his new toy that I gave him (well, not really him) two-and-a-half hours ago. He puts it in the lounge chair and jumps on it consistently to make it squeak. He brings it over to me occasionally, lays it on the couch, and nudges it against my leg with his nose to insist that I throw it for him. I throw it, which grants me another twenty minutes of uninterrupted writing. I can guarantee that he will be sleeping with that toy tonight.

Anyone who has a Boxer should recognize their dog in this blog. Boxers are dogs for people who want constant playtime. They tend to keep you young and VERY happy. They get this weird look in their eyes and faces sometimes that warns you that they are going into overdrive play mode. Oh…watch out because your uncontrollable laughter is merely fuel for that barrage of play!

Tomorrow I’m writing a tribute to the pup I actually bought the toy for. So, if you’re a fan of the ‘Love Sponge’ breed, be sure to check here tomorrow.



Story and photo © 2009 Kathleen Bjoran