22 08 2009

Okay, I’m an individual who tries to make eco-friendly choices. I’m not sure about my readers, but where I live, I go to the grocery store to buy fish and I am always sold on the “Farm Raised” fishies. Where are these ‘Farms” and how do they ‘grow’ fish? I’m not a tree-hugger but I do try to avoid mercury and all the other nasty stuff out there. I came across this article. Hmmm, my salmon was farmed but how, It’s a great article and something I didn’t know.


Making Cents

12 08 2009

The Outstanding Public Debt as of 12 Aug 2009 at 03:13:34 AM GMT is: $11,666,686,956,363.42 (or over 11 trillion!)

The population of the United States is 306,717,967.

So we all need to pitch in $38,037.18 per citizen. There are three citizens in our household so that means we would need to pay an extra $114,111.54 as just a gift to the US Treasury. Here, let me write you a check.

Oh wait! The deficit just went up to $11,666,711,145,770.44 (The Outstanding Public Debt as of 12 Aug 2009 at 03:22:31 AM GMT is). Let me check. Nope I didn’t earn 8 cents in the past 9 minutes. And to think, if I were to earn a penny a minute I would be earning $525,600. a year. I am not so why does the government get to spend like I do earn over two million a year (based on our current tax bracket…this includes our current tax rate + the gift)?

When Clinton (a democrat) took office (remember he ran on the platform of reducing the National deficit) the national deficit was just under $400,000,000,000.00 (or $400 billion). Oh, the shame. We would all have to pay $120 to get that puppy under control! When Clinton left office the National Deficit was about $5 trillion. GREAT JOB!

When inaugurated, the inherited Obama deficit was $10.626 trillion (yep, some of this was because of Pres. Clinton’s plan…this is where China comes in). The National Deficit has NEVER risen so quickly. During the last administration it took over 2.5 years for the deficit to rise by one trillion dollars. George W. ran up the National Deficit by 4.9 trillion over an eight year period of time.

Come on people…let’s start bean counting and crunching those numbers. Our outstanding debts are now being funded by China. The statement that China will take good care of us is JUST A BIT alarming! Stand up and let Obama know that you can’t afford that kind of obligation! I really am a liberal at heart but I also believe that we should all pay our way. Obama has NOW made that impossible!

The final number you will see in this blog is the current (as of this posting) National Deficit. Please…Don’t hate the messenger!

$11,668,624,901,742.25 (an additional $1,937,945,379.03 in 12 hours)
National Deficit Clock

Making Cents

Making Cents

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